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Need for braces and components used to make braces

The main aim of the braces is to give good shape to the teeth by controlling their outward reach from mouth. Before deciding about the braces, the doctor will examine the person and then take view of the health of the person, will also x –ray the teeth and head to make the braces for the teeth size and shape.

Braces are generally in bands, wires or other removable corrective measures. There is not perfect method for anyone.  The braces work by applying pressure on the teeth to restrict their movement in particular direction. When the gradually pressure is applied on the teeth, the shape of the bones also changes to the desired direction. The time required for the braces vary from person to person, it depends on the condition of the teeth and how much the problem had developed before the person came to see the doctor. It also depends on the distance that teeth have to bridge to get to the desired position, the health of the gums, health of the teeth, health of bones and how much person is giving proper attention to the instructions.

Generally, the braces are kept for one to three years. After removing braces, the person is required to wear retainers for next six months. Then the person has to wear them only for night for some years. The orthodontist may ask the person to come to see him every month initially, to see the exactly how much pressure is applied by the braces or wires.

Braces have Orthodontic braces treatment in Indirapuram brackets that are small squares that cover the front of the teeth and are fixed to the teeth with special bonding agent or are fixed with orthodontic bands. The brackets hold the wire that is used to control the teeth. Brackets can come in several materials, like stain less steel, plastic or ceramic, both are of teeth color. Brackets are often fixed behind the teeth to hide them from front view. Orthodontic bands are fixed or cemented with the teeth with bonding agent. They come in stain less steel or in material that have teeth color. They provide an anchor for the brackets, when they are wrapped around the teeth. These bands are not used for all persons. Before the use of bands; the spacers are used to make some space between teeth so that bands can be used.

The uses of braces are usually done on the health teeth .They have nothing to do with the hygiene level of teeth. They are just used to give a proper shape to teeth with overbite or under bite. Root canal is directly Root Canal Treatment in Indirapuram linked with the teeth hygiene as it is done on teeth, which has been broken or has been decayed. In root canal, the decayed part of the teeth is removed and plastic material is put in its place with cap on it for permanent treatment.   

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  1. What is the benefit of a root canal?
    You may require Root canal treatment in a wide range of dental conditions including deep tooth decay, trauma, or even chipping to tooth . It helps in eliminating the root cause of pain and makes the tooth usable. There are many benefits of Root canal treatment. Most importantly, it helps in preserving your tooth.


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