Friday, 13 May 2016

Need for teeth braces and their types

Braces are used to improve the ‘orofacial’ appearance of the person. This is part of the orthodontic treatment. The other problems cured by the orthodontic treatment include crooked teeth, crowded teeth, incorrect jaw positions, under bite, over bite, and disorder of jaw positions. These problems can lead to speaking, eating problems and in some cases, headaches, gum diseases and earaches.

The perfect time for orthodontic treatment is 12 -14 years of age, when the head and mouth are still growing and teeth can be strengthened into any position. In some cases, if jaw repositioning has to be done, then parents should consult the child also, as any change in appearance in face can be traumatic to the child. Many adults can also taking the orthodontic treatments for more attractive smile and face expression.

Type of braces –

The dentist is in Best Dentists in Indirapuram the best position to select the particular braces for a person on the basis of his or her problems and age.  The braces can be of brackets, metal, plastic or ceramic. Ceramic braces match the color and appearance of the teeth and are less noticeable then others .But these can get easily discolored, if person is consuming stain causing food or drinks. Ceramic braces also take lot of time in fixing and are very sensitive to breaking and dislodging from its position.

 Brackets can be fixed with teeth at the back side to hide them from front view. These types of braces use wires to move the teeth to desired positions.

Lingual braces are customized and remain behind the teeth. They are expensive than metal and ceramic braces. They are fixed to inside part of the teeth. These braces may not be good for small teeth. The braces can come in way of speaking in small mouths.

Invisible braces are very expensive but they are for people, who do not have significant teeth problem. The cost of these braces can be very high for some persons.   

Metal braces are visible and made of stainless steel. These braces hold a wire with rubber bands to put gentle pressure on teeth. The metal braces can be irritating in eating and chewing food. They have to be cleaned after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Treatment time –

Person using braces has to wear them till the problem is resolved or teeth have moved to a new position. The duration of braces depend on the complexity of the problem. These braces can take one to Orthodontic Treatment in Indirapuram two year and after that person has to use retainer to strengthen and align the new position of the teeth. The person using braces have to visit the dentist for strengthening the wires of the braces from time to time.  Mild pressure is put on the teeth and or jaws to take them gradually to new positions. The teeth and jaw may get slightly sore but this is brief problem. The person with aligners should know that adjustment of the mouth to new plastic teeth may take time.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Different Types of Preventative, Basic and Major Dental Services in Indirapuram

For improving the appearance or treating pain, different types of dental care services are provided by different dental clinics. The dental care services are carefully divided into different classifications such as preventative, basic and major dental services. Different types of dental services provided by the dental clinics are discussed in this domain.

For preventing or diagnosis of different dental complications, the services of the preventative care can be availed from dentists or dental clinics in Indirapuram. Different types of preventative dental services consist of examination and cleaning or prophylaxis provided by the dentists.

Second classification of the dental care consists of basic dental services where the dental treatments and dental procedures relatively straightforward in nature are carried out by dentists at the dental clinics by using right kind of equipment and instruments. Dental care procedures and dental treatments that are relatively more complex in nature are classified under the major dental care services.

Different dental care services, which are preventative, basic or even major, carried out at dental clinics and dental care centers at Indirapuram, are discussed in this blog. Carried out renowned dentists at dental clinics, the Teeth Cleaning in Indirapuram is used for cleaning of strained or yellow teeth of the patients efficiently.

Emergency dental provided by the dentists at the dental clinics for providing relief pain caused by dental complications. Amalgam fillings are another basic dental services provided by the dentists in Indirapuram.

White filling and composite fillings are another services provided by the dental care services. Sedative fillings can be availed from dentists at dental clinics. Routine tooth extractions can be availed from reputed dentists at dental clinics, Indirapuram.  Root canal treatment can be availed from dentists at the dental clinics in Indirapuram.

Periodontal scaling services can be availed from dentists at Indirapuram. Root planning services can be availed from dental clinics, for treatment dental complications. Periodontal surgery can be availed from dental clinics for treatment for dental complications.

Recementing dental crowns services can be availed from dentists for treatment of dental complications. Dental Crowns Treatment in Indirapuram, which is carried out experienced dentists, is known for its optimum effectiveness, quick results and no pain.

Stainless steel (prefabricated) crowns can be availed from dentists from reputed dental clinics. Some of the major dental services that are provided by the dentists at dental clinics in Indirapuram are dental crowns, inlays and onlays. Dentists can provide patients with bridgework services that often costly than basic dental care services. Tooth implants and impacted wisdom teeth removal can be availed from dentists at dental clinics in Indirapuram.

Complex oral surgery procedures can be performed by using latest equipment and instrument for treatment of damaged teeth or allied dental complications.  Removable partial dentures are carried out the dentists at the dental care centers and dental clinics in Indirapuram. Complete dentures or “false teeth” can be done by the dentists for replacing the missing tooth. Orthodontic treatment can be availed from dentists at reputed dental clinics in Indirapuram. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Need for braces and components used to make braces

The main aim of the braces is to give good shape to the teeth by controlling their outward reach from mouth. Before deciding about the braces, the doctor will examine the person and then take view of the health of the person, will also x –ray the teeth and head to make the braces for the teeth size and shape.

Braces are generally in bands, wires or other removable corrective measures. There is not perfect method for anyone.  The braces work by applying pressure on the teeth to restrict their movement in particular direction. When the gradually pressure is applied on the teeth, the shape of the bones also changes to the desired direction. The time required for the braces vary from person to person, it depends on the condition of the teeth and how much the problem had developed before the person came to see the doctor. It also depends on the distance that teeth have to bridge to get to the desired position, the health of the gums, health of the teeth, health of bones and how much person is giving proper attention to the instructions.

Generally, the braces are kept for one to three years. After removing braces, the person is required to wear retainers for next six months. Then the person has to wear them only for night for some years. The orthodontist may ask the person to come to see him every month initially, to see the exactly how much pressure is applied by the braces or wires.

Braces have Orthodontic braces treatment in Indirapuram brackets that are small squares that cover the front of the teeth and are fixed to the teeth with special bonding agent or are fixed with orthodontic bands. The brackets hold the wire that is used to control the teeth. Brackets can come in several materials, like stain less steel, plastic or ceramic, both are of teeth color. Brackets are often fixed behind the teeth to hide them from front view. Orthodontic bands are fixed or cemented with the teeth with bonding agent. They come in stain less steel or in material that have teeth color. They provide an anchor for the brackets, when they are wrapped around the teeth. These bands are not used for all persons. Before the use of bands; the spacers are used to make some space between teeth so that bands can be used.

The uses of braces are usually done on the health teeth .They have nothing to do with the hygiene level of teeth. They are just used to give a proper shape to teeth with overbite or under bite. Root canal is directly Root Canal Treatment in Indirapuram linked with the teeth hygiene as it is done on teeth, which has been broken or has been decayed. In root canal, the decayed part of the teeth is removed and plastic material is put in its place with cap on it for permanent treatment.   

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